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Runops Releases #26

· One min read

We moved a lot of furniture from place to place, and we found better locations for lots of stuff in our Portal. So get some water and get ready!

Starting with the new templates and reviews page. If you thought, "oh, nice, now they have a review and templates page!" Well, that's why we moved it there, it wasn't new, it was just a bit hidden.

Templates page


We introduced a new experience for Templates, and now you can see and execute your templates from this new page with much more control than before. This page shows all templates available for you and lets you run and see the results right away.

Reviews page

reviews page

Not only have we moved it to a dedicated page, but we also let you know in advance if some of your colleagues need your review on something.

Users and agents


As a design decision, from now on (if you're an admin), you can find the page to manage your users and see your agents on the settings page.