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Github Integration

Ignoring files

A .runopsignore file specifies intentionally untracked files that runops should ignore when listing templates.

Pattern Format

  • A blank line matches no files
  • A line starting with # serves as a comment
  • Trailing spaces are ignored
  • The slash / is used as the directory separator
  • Using the slash / in the beginning has a special meaning to indicate matching files in the root of the folder.
  • An asterisk * matches anything


  • The pattern hello.* matches any file or directory whose name begins with hello. If one wants to restrict this only to the directory and not in its subdirectories, one can prepend the pattern with a slash, i.e. /hello.*; the pattern now matches hello.txt, hello.c but not a/
  • The pattern doc/frotz and /doc/frotz have the same effect in any .runopsignore file. In other words, a leading slash is not relevant if there is already a middle slash in the pattern.
  • The pattern foo/*, matches foo/test.json (a regular file), foo/bar (a directory), and all contents in the subdirectories also, like foo/bar/test.sql.
# ignore all files and folder in the root directory that ends with .sql
# ignore all files and folders in all directories
# ignore /dev/scripts/.placeholder file
# ignore all files and folders that ends with .sh or .sql in /dev/scripts folder
# ignore all files and folders that begins with config inside /prod/scripts folder

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