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Connect any database, container or cloud provider in 2 minutes.

If your company already uses Runops, head over to the User Guides

Web Application

  1. Head over to
  2. Login using your Google account
  3. Create a new connection with type shell
  4. Run a test script: echo 123


Install & signup

Running this in the terminal will install Runops and setup your account.

npm install -g runops

runops signup

Create a Connection

A Runops Connection is the resource where we run scripts. Let's create a simple python Connection:

runops targets create --name 'my-first-target' --type 'python'

Run Your First Task

Now we can create and run our first Task with a python script.

runops tasks create \
-t 'my-first-target' \
-s 'print("Hello from Runops!")'

🎉 Great! You just executed your first Runops task. Now let's run your first real-world Task.

Add Configs to Connections

To make Connections useful we need to add more configurations. Configs enable Tasks to access your real Connections, like databases, AWS Accounts, and more.

Next steps: