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Runs the Runops agent on AWS ECS.


  • Access to an AWS account with permissions to create ECS resources.
  • Terraform installed.


1. Grab your Runops agent token

Head over to

Create a new connection and choose any name in the Agent dropdown.

A code snippet with the token appears. Copy that token.

2. Prepare your connection configuration

Create a json file with the keys and values required for your connection.

Check the list of keys & values for each connection type.

This is an example json for a Mysql connection:

Don't add line breaks to the json. It breaks when pasting it to the next step.

{ "MYSQL_HOST": "","MYSQL_USER": "demo-user","MYSQL_PASS": "GtK23d<ejkLy0ST2","MYSQL_PORT": "3306","MYSQL_DB": "demo" }

3. Run the terraform project.

Run the script bellow and paste your agent token and the json when prompted.

It creates an ECS service and task definition.

export AWS_REGION=us-east-2
mkdir runops; cd runops
curl -s -o
terraform init; terraform apply

Now create a connection with the Provider: env-var and the Secret Path option set to secret_1

Next steps: